The Chamber Re-opens at Colwick Hall

A message to all second years:


Are you well versed in parcel tongue?

Did you hear it?


The writing is on the wall. The taps reveal all. Meandering through subterranean pipes will lead you to the basilisk’s lair. The entrance of the chamber exposes snake tongue sandwiches. To quench the fear, savour on a pastrami and little gem wrap, to grilled chicken and avocado slider. Now ready your swords to devour a tuna salad. Before the birds begin clawing, be sure to satisfy the stomach with roasted vegetables and hummus, to ham and coleslaw.




In the depths of the Chamber, dark arts delights commence. A sense of rivalry in the air. The secret chambers dark chocolate cake complete with fondant icing is knifed with an edible pencil. In his support, Riddles raspberry ripple tart, resurrects the memory of his 16 year old self. Wands were flourished and spells were cast on the cake stands.


A shriek was heard from the ladies powder room, it was moaning mocha muffin, she had ran out of caffeine yet again. Back on the cake walk, elf sock clicked his fingers to create a cranberry and white chocolate cookie. Following a sweet trail, spiders have weaved their web upon a chocolate scone infused with cherry and coconut. Clotted cream and homemade preserve have been caught in this lucky net.


In the House Elves quarters they prepare a feast of savouries for all to enjoy. First to be made, a pumpkin soup, a wholesome taste showcasing the season’s best produce. The Byron’s house elves are busy at work prepping a mushroom and Stilton cream ahead of being served in a bread basket. 


Under the restricted section, lies the Potion Library. From the Japanese cupboard, a bright green melon liqueur, Midori, is topped with prosecco and lemon juice to present the inimitable snake potion. A fine selection of teas and coffees will of course naturally prevail.


Colwick Hall opens its doors to a new term of wizarding afternoon tea through October and November 2018. To secure tickets for #TheChamberReopens which are priced at 2 for £30 Mon-Wed or £23.95pp Thurs-Sun, follow this online link or contact us on 0115 9500 566 or by email 




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