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The one with afternoon tea…

Could we BE anymore excited!? Set to return post-lockdown due to popular demand – dates tbc!

The answer is definitely no! It is safe to say this was the theme that we had all been waiting for in 2020. Unfortunately covid-19 cut it short (we were only 1 week in!), however we are very much looking forward to its return (hopefully in Autumn!). There’s something special about hitting the nail on the head with a concept and creating that sense of nostalgia.  

We sat around the boardroom table in December as a team and brainstormed this idea out! Initially when deciding to do something inspired by the popular TV series friends, we didn’t quite know if it had enough ‘food’ inspired elements to it – but how wrong were we! Five minutes into conversation, and we were reminiscing on so many special ‘foodie’ moments…

  • Rachels trifle disaster
  • Phoebe’s grandma’s cookies
  • Ross’ thanksgiving ‘moist maker’ sandwich
  • Monica’s mockolate
  • Chandler’s stolen cheesecake
  • Joeys meatball sub

And so many others!! It was the perfect recipe for an afternoon tea theme.

The development process started! Myself being a 90’s baby, I was in my element. Who knew that watching hours and hours of friends as a child – over and over again – would turn out to be so useful! As a team we started re-watching episodes, building content, designing the food and drink, and planning the décor.

…And voila, the F.O.O.D.I.E.S brand was born!

We began to tease the idea out on social media, and shortly after the first post, it felt like we had a theme that really connected with our customers! Despite gender, age or specific interests, it appears that pretty much everybody has a place in their heart for these six special friends. I mean, how can you not!?

It feels fitting to dine with your best friend for this one! There are so many birthdays and celebrations happening in lockdown, and we’ve found this to be the perfect gift idea for many customers! Check out our gift voucher store below, and note that vouchers are valid for 12 months and sent via email!

2 for £39 Monday-Friday or £26.95 per person Saturday-Sunday. We also offer a child friendly menu for under 11’s at £13.50 per person and cater for all dietary requirements separately when notified in advance. 

Foodies Menu PDF

Joey doesn’t share food, and you’re not going to want to share this one!

Hope you’ll join us soon.

Naomi, Sales & Marketing Director .x.


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