Calling All Witches And Wizards!!

This October and November, guests will be able to experience our brand new Harry Potter themed tea. From Philosopher’s Scones served with clotted cream and raspberry jam, to Slytherin’s finger sandwiches. The savoury sandwich selection includes chicken with cranberry, rare roast beef and horseradish, mature cheddar with a tomato relish, roasted vegetables and hummus ~ all ready to be devoured by Malfoy whilst on his Nimbus 2001! The Polyjuice Pea and Mint Soup, Pumpkin Pasty and Cheese Wand trio make the intermediate course of your Afternoon Tea warm you up during this orange leaf season.

Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Nottingham

Look into the Mirror of Erised and see your most
wanted wish come true right in front of your eyes.

We can see the Golden Snitch Pop Cake flying right into our hands. We can see, walking into the Leaky Cauldron, and ordering a butterbeer caramel cheesecake ‘frothing to the brim’ dressed with Olivander’s Wand, made out of dragon heart string. We can see, riding on the Hogwart’s Express, a chocolate frog cupcake leaping from the trolley on to your lap. We can see Voldemort in his lair with Nagini, his pet snake, eating a Victoria Sponge cake!!

Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Nottingham

In conjunction with the Harry Potter Afternoon Tea, guests will be tempted with Professor Snape’s Potions. Choose from Felix Felicis ~ the Potion of Luck, Polyjuice Potion ~ changes your form,

Draught of Living Death ~ deep sleep, Veritaserum – prisoners to tell the truth, Skele-gro for bones, and Elixir of Life ~ drink it once a fortnight and you are practically immortal!

Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Menu

Following the recent celebration of 20 years since the very first Harry Potter, the forthcoming Autumn features many key dates within the Harry Potter calendar as well as Halloween on 31st October 2017. Godric’s Hollow is the place where Harry Potter’s parents were killed, and when Voldemort tried to kill Harry Potter. 31st October was ‘The Day Harry Potter became the boy who lived’. A special Harry Potter Halloween Party is in the making all through October half term week where you can follow the spider trail.

Get ready to be enrolled into Colwick Hall’s Brasserie of Witchcraft and Wizardry! 

Harry Potter Afternoon Tea Nottingham

Our regular visitors will know that we’ve been on quite a journey with our themes where menus are designed to reflect the chosen theme, expert chefs on a culinary expedition with props, edible glitter, dress up days, live singing and movies too. The whole team at the Brasserie have also joined in both feet first coming in costume paying homage to the theme on special experience days, most recently as Pirates on Treasure Island and with Nottingham’s very own Robin Hood and his Maid Marian on a mini archery adventure by the Oak.

Junior members of your party and fans from all houses are most welcome to arrive in their house robes and hats together with your favourite wand. Well behaved Owls also allowed!

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online for a gift voucher, or on e shop on our Facebook page, ‘ColwickHallHotel’.

Due to popular demand full payment is required at the time of your booking for a confirmed reservation.

Reservations may be made on our website through the enquiry form, or by email on or telephone 0115 9500 566.

Ticket Prices for Mon to Wed are 2 for £30, for Thursday to Sunday are £23.95 per person. Special Dietary requirements can be catered for. Children under 11 years at £13.50pp. Infants under 2 no charge.

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