How Do You Choose The Right Restaurant In Nottingham?

When choosing a restaurant in Nottingham…


In a city as large as Nottingham, choosing a great restaurant can be a challenge. Nottingham’s foodies love eating out and, as a result, there are now many places to eat in and around the City. So how do you find the one for you? Is it the food? Or the ambience? The service, or the location? There are many considerations to make…


Word of mouth


What are other people saying about a restaurant? This is one of the most honest and authentic ways of finding out what it will really be like. You may choose to ask friends or colleagues, or you may put it out as a question on social media. Alternatively, you could research online to see if anyone has written an article about where you’re looking to eat, or if there are any TripAdvisor reviews for ‘Restaurants Nottingham‘.  If a particular dish is recommended and it’s still on the menu, that’s a great head’s up for what you should pick. Or you might get some top tips about other aspects of the venue that you didn’t know about. For example, one of our online reviews says: “Exquisite hotel and restaurants offering a relaxing and luxurious stay with plenty of things to do in the surrounding area including Colwick Park and Nottingham Race Course. Excellent service is always given plus good value for money regarding rooms and meal options. Well worth a visit.” You can see us on Trip Advisor here.




A location in Nottingham that is easily accessible can be really important when choosing the right restaurant. If you want to have a drink while eating out, it’s important to factor in how easy it will be to get a taxi, the cost of this, and whether or not you can leave your car at the venue overnight. Alternatively, if it is within walking or cycling distance for you, even better. Or you might want to book yourself a room overnight, which will enable you to relax properly, without ever needing to set yourself a specific bedtime.




How a restaurant feels can be crucial to your enjoyment of the experience. If the decor is to your taste, this can play a key role too. Find somewhere that feels like a natural fit for your personality and tastes.



Type of cuisine


When choosing the right restaurant in Nottingham, you need to consider what type of food you want to be eating. Perhaps you are looking for traditional afternoon tea, and are after a spot of quintessential ‘British-ness’, for example cakes, scones, finger sandwiches and a range of snacks with tea, coffee or a glass of fizz.


Or perhaps you’re looking for a romantic dinner with fine-dining meal options. A range of simple yet sophisticated choices will tantalise your tastebuds. Alternatively, you may be after a hearty roast dinner on Sunday or a light lunch that will keep you tided over until later.


Restaurants Nottingham


Menu choices


The menu can be a make-or-break decision when it comes to eating out, so it always pays to check it out beforehand. If you have any specific dietary requirements – for example, you’re vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free – it can be beneficial to find out if you will be able to easily choose anything off the menu.


If it doesn’t have something you’d like to try, it may be worth ringing up beforehand to let the restaurant know so they can have time to prepare something bespoke. Restaurants, especially those with fine-dining options, have very talented chefs in their kitchen who can easily think up a new idea for you and put it together without any hassle or stress, if needed. As the customer, they just want you to have the best experience possible. There are always ‘Specials’ on offer at Byron’s – just call to find out more.


Great service


When you visit a restaurant, it isn’t just the food that can make all the difference – the service staff play just as crucial a role. Visiting a restaurant in which the waiters and waitresses provide impeccable service will help to make it a memorable experience; and one that you’ll want to repeat more than once.



Type of event


Some restaurants will be better suited to specific types of events than others. For example, a place such as Colwick Hall will be particularly suitable when you want to go on a romantic date with your other half, if you fancy an afternoon tea or light lunch with your friends, or want to spend time having a delicious Sunday roast with family. Fitting the right restaurant to the right occasion can help it feel as though it is the perfect match, and can also increase how enjoyable it feels. It can also help you to know how formal it will be, and what sort of clothes you should choose to wear when attending.




If you are thinking about choosing a restaurant for a particularly special occasion, such as a wedding, it always pays to try it out beforehand so you know what it will be like. It also helps you feel as though you know the place, who the staff are, and what the food will be – and can make it feel as though you already have special connections and memories attached to the venue on your big day.

The background


When a venue or restaurant has a particularly interesting backstory, it can help it feel even more special. For example, Colwick Hall was recorded in the Domesday book and is thought to date back to the 11th century. Its first owner was Sir Reginal DeColwick, and was held by the Byron family after his death for over 150 years.


It then passed on to the Musters family. The hall has a famous painting on its wall of this time, in which it shows how the more recently built hall looked in 1777. This was painted by George Stubbs. There’s a great deal more to learn about Colwick Hall – and arriving for a meal can also feel like a wonderful cultural experience in which you can learn more about the history of the area.


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