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Tails of an Afternoon Tea

– by Colwick Hall


Set amidst tranquil scenery, a hive of activity ensues. Its not been long since wizarding fever swept the Brasserie with spellbinding effect.


As the nights draw in, Gardener Steve has been tidying flower beds,  planting bulbs, blowing leaves, and all this while Colwick Bunnies have been on his trail. Cheekily stealing a few carrots and cabbages from the vegetable patch whenever they can.


Chef Jason headed to the herb garden as part of his daily jaunt and noticed the ravenous rabbits were ravaging his ravishing radishes. Culinary artist Lee careers in at 7am to commence preparation of this Beatrix inspired afternoon tea, only to discover bags of flour tipped over and bunny prints across the kitchen!



Country Fresh Foods just delivered the necessary ingredients for country Garden sandwiches. On the menu are 4 varieties:

  • Lettuce wraps filled with chicken and radish chutney
  • Cream cheese and spinach rounds
  • Peter’s prawn, cucumber and ricotta cheese
  • Ham and pickle


Lee and Steve nevertheless were not amused, rolling pin and shovel in hand, chased after the suspects. Both Colwick Bunnies, Cynthia and Celia, scooted off at breakneck speed. Along the stables wall, through the wisteria archway and into the maintenance yard.


Surrounded by tools and garden machinery, they realised they still weren’t safe and dived for cover in the Boiler House. An army of footsteps arrived, ‘Come on out, you are cornered the both of you’. The Colwick Bunnies were smarter than their human counterparts. Spotting daylight, Cynthia and Celia darted through a gaping hole by the floor and lived to tell the tale of an afternoon tea at Colwick Hall to all the Nottinghamshire folk.


It was not long before Newsreporter Naomi made tracks to feature the story of these mischief makers and their involvement in the next themed tea experience set to arrive at tables in February 2018. First up was Paul, Senior Chef at Byron’s Brasserie, ‘One of the regular rascals again’, he remarked, whilst Lee replied nonchalantly, ‘Marvellous’. However these Colwick Bunnies were not going to spoil the show, they were the most prominent part of it.


They had given Victoria ideas galore. Victoria, an ambassador to the Hall, pretty and petite, always packing a punch way bigger than you’d imagine ~ this time all about plant potions from the Gin Garden and Berry Patch. Potty for Pots with watering cans served on turf with herb infusions and mocktail versions for drivers and younger visitors.

This really got the Colwick Team thinking and Byron’s Deputy Headmistress, Miss Vickers, has just commissioned the “The Tales of Garden Cocktails”.




At the crack of dawn the following morning, Samantha and her squirrels head to the ancient oak at Colwick Hall in search of acorns but were surprised to find a savoury treat.


Lady Susan, a connoisseur in the world of Afternoon Tea and often treated her friends in top circles to a high tea at venues of distinction. Quite the dab hand at cake making herself, she worked tirelessly on the perfect recipe, attending night classes on advanced cookery.


The signature soup was always a highlight and for the intermediate course, the menu features:

  • Squirrel’s savoury treats
  • Lady Susan’s Garden soup
  • Chef lee’s creamy leek and cheese pie


Next up was the Colwick Tail Cakes. Patissier Ryan was charged with the brief. Hailing from South Africa, he always exudes an air of exemplary attention to the perfection and consistency in his baking skills. Chef Lee imbibed the virtues of the perfect bunny inspired cakes and the value of superfoods and nuances in culinary art. Ryan listened intently……



The sweet selection of Colwick Tail Cakes had been taken! There is only one way to find out who the culprit is. Time to venture into the Bunnies burrows! Deep inside their dens, a treasure trove of treats has been hidden. All of this was from Colwick Hall and they were now caught red-pawed. They seem to have taken a liking to our:


  • Bunny Tail Meringues with a raspberry swirl
  • Carrot and ginger cookies
  • Acorn doughnut treat
  • Plant pot chocolate muffin
  • Luscious lemon supreme cake
  • Fruit scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam
  • All served with Hannah’s exquisite teas and coffee


“To partake in the Potty for Peter Afternoon Tea, tickets are now available to purchase. Runs from 1st Feb to 30th April 2018”




T  0115 9500 566    W colwickhallhotel.com


Adult Tickets 2 for £30 Mon to Wed and £23.95pp Thursday to Sunday. Children under 11 are £12.50pp. Dietary requirements can be catered for upon request


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