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How To Hold Civil Ceremonies In Style

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Civil ceremonies have been known to be short affairs compared to traditional church services, and the happy event can be over far too quickly. These essential tips for how to hold your civil ceremony in style will ensure that you pack as much pizaz into your big day as possible, making it every inch as special and memorable as a church service would be.


Civil ceremonies, Nottingham….

…….have become far more common as we become more diverse in our beliefs and values. As a result, there’s a growing trend to make a civil ceremony just as spectacular and memorable as a traditional wedding. Follow that train of thought through your whole day, and remain true to yourselves every step of the way. Be relaxed and genuine throughout, and enjoy yourselves. If you want to laugh, cry, giggle, or speak quietly with your guests, go for it. It’s your day! When styling your wedding don’t feel fettered by the fact it’s a civil ceremony – if you want a big dress, or a large party of groomsmen, ushers, and page boys, indulge yourselves. Whatever feels right to you will be perfect on the day. Any selections concerning clothes, colours, flowers, and songs, should represent your tastes as a couple – choose things you love, not things you think will suit the venue, or make your guest/mother/mother-in-law happy.




Make an entrance


Walking down the aisle is a big event regardless of the venue. It may well be the most nerve-wracking (and spectacular) thing you do for years, perhaps even in your whole life. Don’t rush the experience. Practice how you will walk, take into account your dress and how it moves, as well as anyone preceding or accompanying you. Give people time to take in how stunning you look. Give your new spouse a chance to appreciate the moment – this is the one point of the whole day the two of you will be able to give each other your full attention. Make the most of it!


Create the perfect atmosphere


Carefully consider the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Do you want a relaxed and natural feel, with lots of flowers and a light, airy atmosphere? Are you looking for something serene and peaceful? Perhaps something a little more exciting and celebratory? Are you going for emotional impact? There are many small details you can tweak in a civil ceremony, from flowers, to outfits, colour choices, lighting, the decoration of the point at the end of the aisle where you will exchange vows, music, even the petals strewn across the floor. All these elements should work in harmony. Decide on one atmosphere and work on fine tuning every detail to create it.


Make an exit


Walking down the aisle is the bride’s big moment. Walking back out again is your big moment as a couple. Don’t be afraid to make a big deal out of it. Take your time, enjoy the attention and joyful atmosphere, revel in your well-wishers’ delight as they shower you in confetti, rice, or petals. These are the first steps you will take as a married couple – start as you mean to go on and make them good ones.


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