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The Best of Indian Wedding Venues in Nottingham

Indian Wedding Venues Nottingham

The wedding is a social, cultural and in many cases also a religious event. British and American weddings are almost identical, so are Canadian and Australian weddings. There are differences in Christian and Jewish weddings, Hindu and Muslim weddings but the social and cultural elements are rooted in one’s nationality or homeland.


It is difficult to define Indian weddings because there are various subcultures in the ancient land and the largest democracy in the world. Punjabi weddings are distinctly different from Bengali weddings, Gujarati weddings are not the same as Tamil weddings. Moreover, it is not just about the subculture or social customs. Religious rituals also vary as you move from one region or state to another. A Hindu Marathi wedding is different from a Hindu wedding in Delhi or Haryana. A Christian wedding in Kerala is different from a Christian wedding in Tamil Nadu or West Bengal. A Muslim wedding in Lucknow is different from a Muslim wedding in Calcutta.


A country that has twenty two languages and scores of dialects, celebrates every religion in the world and has more than thirty distinct subcultures depending on longstanding customs in different states or regions will always have a unique take on weddings. Indian weddings aren’t just different, they are a world apart and that is what makes the choice of a perfect Indian wedding venue in Nottingham so difficult.




Indian Weddings at Colwick Hall

Colwick Hall is the ideal venue for Indian weddings. The history and grandeur aside, Colwick Hall is spacious enough to host hundreds of guests. Most Indian weddings are a grand events and most Indian couples and their families try to bring together all their friends, relatives and even distant relatives whom one may not have even met in the last ten years. This calls for a venue that will not have guests jostling for space.


Indian weddings are extensively unique. The social, cultural and religious rituals aside, the event can be as simple as the couple getting married, the guests being introduced to the couple and everyone dining before going home or it could be a gala with live music, dance, games and massive spreads of everything from cold salads and appetizers to a dozen choices for dessert. There are very few Indian wedding venues in Nottingham that can accommodate the entire spectrum of possibilities. Colwick Hall has the provisions to facilitate everything that Indian weddings need.


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