Oh bother – another afternoon tea you must taste!

The tea for all ages arrives in the form of Silly Old Bear (our favourite foodie) through August and September 2018 at our Byron’s Brasserie. Deep in the Colwick Wood, little bears chill with ice-cream floats to beat the summer heat. Grown ups on the other hand congregate by Woodland Blooms in search of the one and only Queen Bee Cocktail.





Reunited with friends they have found the perfect picnic spot. Out from the hamper is the ‘CR Sandwich Selection’: crust free sandwiches to include cucumber and cream cheese, chicken and bacon, cheddar and chutney, to a prawn cocktail wrap. Next stop on the expedition brings us to the bee tree. The prized treasure is a honey pot surprise filled with clotted cream and local honey, ready to be devoured with a lemon scone.




In an open clearing gentle exercise works up the appetite for ‘Bouncy Trouncy Savouries’. These feature as pear and Stilton mini croissant, as well as a taster tasse of the favourite carrot orange and ginger soup. Corks pop at Prosecco House. Happy folk of our woodland assemble to declare the opening of a brand new afternoon tea. Ladies rejoice for old times sake with an English Garden of gin elderflower and prosecco.


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Perched on a log, with best friends, soaking up the extraordinary country view the time is right for ‘Rumbly Tumbly Delights’. To cheer up the gloomy and grumpy in us, a donkey tail blueberry muffin with a raspberry cream centre sweet enough to make you smile in glee. The practical one takes the lead through a frosted lemon drizzle slice dominating limelight however the showstopper is yet to be unleashed. In distinctive orange and black stripes, features our passionfruit macaroon to keep us bouncing with energy. The kitchen being a hub in our home, mother bakes an elderflower tart whilst little one cheekily adds a squeeze of lime for that naughty but nice taste. For all of life’s answers we turn to our favourite Silly Old Bear to tempt his sweet senses ~ the showstopping honeycomb mini cheesecake is built with a light hobnob base and layered with pure nectar ~ a hive of caramel and lemon, honeycomb and vanilla, sugar and cream cheese!





Silly Old bear afternoon tea premiers on 1st August and runs till 30th September 2018 in our Byron’s Brasserie. The menu is served with a wide choice of themed teas including cold brews and coffees, priced at £23.95pp Thursday – Sunday with dietary requirements catered for when notified in advance. Midweek offer available at 2 for £30 Monday – Wednesday and children under 11 years pay £13.50 per person.




Share a Silly Old Bear afternoon tea at Colwick Hall with friends and family this summer as this experience spells playtime for all ages. You may combine it with tickets to the Christopher Robin movie at the local cinema and also a luxurious stay in one of our bedrooms. Junior guests are encouraged to bring their favourite teddy bear with them to tea and also have a chance to grab a selfie with our resident celebrity Byron Bear.




So here’s to living the moment…

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