Traditional Hotel or Modern Hotel?

Why Traditional Hotels Are Better Than Modern Hotels


The demand for a memorable experience at UK hotels is ever increasing and, aside from boutique hotels, people are often faced with a choice of two styles – traditional or modern. If you are travelling through or to Nottingham and you are looking to experience the charm and character of a traditional hotel combined with the service and facilities of a modern property, consider staying with us at Colwick Hall Hotel.  Right on the border of the city and the countryside, we offer isolation, comfort, charm, and intimacy. At Colwick Hall you will not only enjoy the freshness and beauty of the Nottinghamshire countryside but also the closeness and ease of transport to the city of Nottingham. Below are a few reasons as to why traditional hotels are better than modern hotels;

Maintain A Unique Style


The first thing that make traditional hotels stand out is their unique styles. Unlike traditional hotels, modern hotels mostly have specific standards that they are supposed to follow and adhere to, this makes them look similar and difficult to differentiate if you were to ignore their favourite brand name. However, traditional hotels emulate certain cultures or eras depending on where they are located which makes them distinct and unique.

Embrace History


Traditional hotels create unique experiences as they stick to a particular era. They embrace the traditions of the time, original architecture, old fashioned cutomers service and chivalry of the time. All these are very delighful and can make one want to visit again.

Explore More


Another significant advantage of staying in a traditional hotel is that one gets to explore more than just a room. For instance, culture, landscape and cuisine – of course, Colwick Hall is the ancestral home of Lord Byron. On the other hand, modern hotels are restricted as they are mostly located in city centers. With traditional hotels one is likely to experience much more.



More Privacy And Space


Since a significant percentage of modern hotels guests are business travelers, the hotels tend to mainly focus on offering the basics. However, traditional hotels go the extra mile to ensure that they are cozy and inviting and their aim is to make one feel relaxed. Moreover traditional hotels also feature outdoor areas like gardens, gazebos,and back yards where one could either take a walk or simply enjoy the scenery. Therefore, instead of feeling claustrophobic as you would in a modern hotel, traditional hotels will make you wish your stay was longer.

Superior Customer Services


Since traditional hotels  are mostly owned by individuals, the hotels tend to have superior customer service as compared to modern hotels as they strive to make sure that their guests are comfortable, satisfied, happy thus encouraging you to stay again. The vested interest of a privately owned traditional hotel will often see the hotel going “above and beyond” to really amplify the customer experience.


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