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Warming Winter Food

As Lord Byron – England’s greatest ever poet – is reputed to have said:
“Since Eve ate the apple, much depends on dinner.”

This quote is never truer than during the dark, cold winter months. Eating is not just for pleasure and sustenance but also for “comfort”.


What do we crave in Winter, and why?

Considering the answer to this sort of question helps us to develop our perfectly-pitched menus for Byron’s Brasserie at Colwick Hall.


The added importance of winter food

Apparently, there is a medical reason for the way in which winter makes us eat more, and makes us turn to foods that are more satisfying and luxurious. As the temperature falls, it’s instinctive for humans to seek more calories.


Added to this, is the fact that darker nights and lack of sunshine during the day affects our mood. Comfort food increases serotonin production, and helps create a sense of well being.


What could be more uplifting than a bowl or plate of a classic Winter dish, that warms our hearts as well as our stomach?


How to plan the best winter menus

Winter requires special attention to using the best locally-sourced ingredients, fresh from the winter fields, pastures and sea.

This has its roots in science too. According to the Love British Food campaign, if you eat foods in season they contain the nutrients, minerals and trace elements that match your body’s specific needs at that time of year.


Hearty soups and casseroles are always a welcoming sight during the winter months. The perfect antidote to being damp and chilled, they can incorporate wholesome in-season vegetables such as sweet parsnips, crunchy Brussel sprouts, versatile red cabbage or squashes and leeks.


Or, fuel up with a beautiful cut of meat from a British farm (topped by a rich sauce for a perfect winter-warmer) such as goose, venison or beef. The sea’s harvest in Winter often features mackerel, monkfish, sea bass and plump shellfish.


Hot desserts and puddings are also more popular on Winter menus in the UK. For example, those featuring winter apples or pears. There is always a demand for desserts that echo the ingredients associated with Christmas too, such as cranberries, citrus fruits and spices.


Though healthy meals, with the freshest of locally sourced ingredients, are a year round feature of menus at Colwick Hall, we also know that at this time of year you welcome some delicious treats.


Book a table at Byron’s Brasserie to enjoy some luxury and relaxation, with a winter menu to bring joy to even the coldest days.

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