Your New Year Checklist – Perk Yourself Up!

Hands up if you have ever made a list of ambitious and exciting resolutions at the turn of the year, only to find that they fizzle out and die in the first days of January?


That post-Christmas “crash” can be gloomy. Especially if you start the New Year with large bills to pay!

Fear not, there are plenty of ways to combat the January blues, and they don’t have to cost you a fortune. One of the most important things to do is to make a New Year checklist that’s achievable and uplifting! Setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic aims – like losing two stone by February – can make the blues even worse!


It’s good to talk

The British are famous for their stoic attitude and “stiff upper lip”, preferring to keep quiet and carry on. One of the best ways to beat the blues at any time of the year is to talk it out.

Meet up with friends and family regularly for a nice meal or a coffee, in a relaxing neutral environment, and “get it off your chest”. It’s surprising how saying things out loud can take a lot of the sting away!


Distraction and fun

If you’re feeling glum because the days are cold, dark and wet and Christmas has come and gone, you may prefer instead to take your mind off things.

Arrange to meet up with friends or family somewhere new, and find as many fun things to talk about as possible. Or take up a new hobby or interest to distract yourself. Those long January evenings are ideal for craft making, reading and new projects.


Treat yourself

In a perfect world, you would have money left for retail therapy in the sales, a gym membership or even a new vehicle or home improvement. But giving yourself a treat to beat the January blues doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Take time out of your busy life now and then to give yourself a frivolous treat. Pamper yourself regularly with a new beauty product, haircut or a good meal out.

Or simply take some “me time” to walk in the open air. You could also make sure you have occasions when you can sit in a warm and attractive environment, drinking a beverage while you read or play on your phone.


Take a trip to reboot

Undoubtedly, the best way to beat the January blues is to book a break. Find a lovely place to stay (and naturally we think the Colwick Hall Hotel should top your wish list) and start planning what you need. Having an opportunity for total relaxation, adventure or your favourite activities has got to be the best way to banish those January blues.

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