10 Appetizers To Make For Your Next Picnic

Planning a picnic before the summer ends?

Picnics are a wonderful way to spend a lazy meal outdoors with your family or friends. Making a picnic that consists mostly of delicious appetizers is a great way to ensure you spend more time enjoying the picnic and less time stressing over the food. Want a change from cheese sandwiches and crisps? Here’s 10 great food ideas for you to try….

1- Baked Brie with Peaches

This indulgent appetizer is easier than it looks. Simply bake the brie and top with a mixture of macerated diced peaches, nuts, and a sprinkle of red pepper to spice it all up.

2- Pimento Summer Squash

Fill baby pattypan squash with pimento cheese. If you can find pattypan squash you can substitute by piping the pimento cheese on squash rounds or stuffing it into blossoms.

3- BBQ Sliders

Mini food is great for appetizers, and these small BBQ sandwiches are as easy to make as they are delicious. Mini buns with BBQ and plenty of sauce are great topped with a pickle.

4- Pickled Grapes

These grapes get their kick from a little garlic and dash of red pepper. They store indefinitely in the fridge, making them easy to pop on a cheese plate during the summer.

5- Mozzarella, Melon, Prosciutto Skewers

Layer fresh mozzarella with chunks of honeydew or cantaloupe and prosciutto for easy to eat treats.



6- Yogurt Dip

Shake up your regular dip by stirring in orange juice, fresh zest, and fresh basil. You’ll love it on crudites and even as a sandwich spread.

7- Avocado Deviled Eggs

Try something different with your deviled eggs by stirring in some mashed avocado to the filling. Not only will it add a gorgeous color, but the flavor is amazing.

8- Corn Salsa

Fresh corn is divine in the summer, and grilling it before adding it to a salsa makes the flavor pop. Mix the kernels together with fresh tomatoes and red onion before tossing with red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

9- Chicken Sate

Food on a stick is really fun to eat! Grilled your chicken skewers and cool before your picnic. They’re delicious in a easy spicy peanut dipping sauce.

10- Stuffed Peppers

Stay cool with sweet peppers filled with a mix of cream cheese, ricotta, and fresh herbs.

No matter your menu, any of these appetizers will make your picnic one to remember!


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