5 Wedding Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Year

Guest blog by Amanda H. a diamond and wedding enthusiast.


Every year we look forward to seeing what new wedding trends will be taking over the wedding scene. This year, weddings will be all about creating an event to remember. And not just for the couple, but their guests too! From smoke bomb exits to revamped registries, there are so many new and unique ways that newlyweds are creating an unforgettable experience on their special day. Check out these five new wedding trends that we’ll be obsessing over throughout 2019.


Smoke bomb exits

In the past, sparkler exits have been a popular choice for send-offs. While we’ll continue to see this popular trend at weddings throughout 2019, we’ll also be seeing couples opting for a new send-off option this year: smoke bombs. These colorful props leave a cloud of pigment in their wake. Not only will this impress your guests, but it also makes for unique and stunning photos. You can opt for rainbow smoke or match the smoke to your wedding hues. The best part is, it looks great in daylight and nighttime!


Extravagant invites

Invitations are what sets the stage for an epic celebration and gets your guests excited for your special day. Whether it’s a boxed correspondence or a video message from the future newlyweds — the bigger and more unique, the better. Typography is one of the most important details for newlyweds when it comes invitations with couples opting for chic fonts. Illustrations of non-traditional venues such as historic houses and remote campsites will continue to trend in wedding invites as well.


Gemstone engagement rings

The biggest engagement ring trend right now is non-diamond rings. While diamonds are traditionally associated with the idea of commitment and eternal love represented with marriage, today’s brides are wanting to be more unique. This year, we’ll see more brides stepping away from the classic white diamond and opting for semiprecious gemstones in engagement rings. Morganite, ruby, sapphire, and emerald are all popular gemstone options that brides-to-be are swooning over. Online jeweler, Blue Nile, has a huge offering of engagement rings on their website featuring a variety of gemstones. This allows you to easily shop this popular trend and find your forever ring in the comfort of your own home.


Personalised registries

In previous generations, it was often frowned upon to ask for cash as a wedding gift. Today, it’s not only acceptable to ask for cash, you can now request virtually anything. Instead of putting together a registry filled with items you’ll never use, skip it. Instead, set up a Newlywed Fund or even a Puppy Fund if you’re looking to add a four legged friend to your family. If there’s an activity you’ve been wanting to do during your honeymoon, you can even ask for that. Your wedding registry should be all about you and your new spouse’s life together.


Wedding vibes vs. wedding colors

Wedding colors will certainly still have a place within wedding decor, but the idea of having an entire wedding “vibe” is starting to upstage the basic color palette. Rather than focusing solely on a color scheme, expect to see couples incorporating their favorite books or TV shows into their wedding decor.

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