Why corporate dinners are a boost for business

If you’re looking for a great way to reward staff or clients, then it’s time to consider a corporate dinner. These events offer a superb opportunity to celebrate success, mark an important milestone or to simply show your appreciation to a loyal business customer or high-performing staff. Here at Colwick Hall Hotel, the premiere corporate dinner venue in Nottingham, we host many corporate dinners for our business clients and they often tell us that the time and effort has really boosted their business. Here are the top reasons why:


1. A corporate dinner encourages loyalty

When a business holds a lavish corporate dinner for clients, it demonstrates appreciation and recognition for their loyalty. This all helps to build ongoing trust and engagement and encourages clients to stay loyal. Everyone loves to be able to say that they have been treated to a fine dinner, great drinks and an evening of sophisticated entertainment by people who have looked after them well. That message will rapidly spread throughout clients’ own networks and highlight you as a business that’s worth looking at, potentially leading to additional referral business.


2. A corporate dinner builds personal connections

In today’s business, speed, efficiency and delivery are bywords of success. But when volumes are high and productivity is of the essence, the personal touch can easily be overlooked. Yes, digital communication is superb for facilitating rapid and effective business, but that personal connection between the business and its clients can easily be lost. By holding a corporate dinner, the business’s main internal client leads can spend time in person with the leads and clients that they have nurtured and really get to know them. The business can listen to the client’s needs and problems in a relaxed, informal environment and get new ideas on how to better serve customers. The act of eating and drinking together in beautiful surroundings naturally stimulates important business conversations that can reap rewards.


3. A chance to enjoy success


Frequently, in the pursuit of the next goal, ambitious businesses tend not to take a step back to pause and congratulate themselves on their success. A corporate dinner is also a superb recognition activity for high-performing, loyal and trusted staff who have achieved great things for the company. By investing in an evening of recognition and reward, high-performing staff will continue to be motivated and engaged. Again, this is a relaxed and sociable occasion in which ideas for the future can be discussed and feedback shared. This can stimulate fresh thinking and inspiration – and it also serves to inspire other staff by showing them that their hard work will be recognised. Some of our corporate clients also give out gift bags, hold staff awards and include overnight accommodation for their best staff to extend the recognition activity.


Here at Colwick Hall Hotel, we offer superb accommodation, the finest of dining and years of experience in putting on corporate events of all kinds – from intimate dinners through to large-scale awards ceremonies. Our expert team are here to ensure that your event is a success and we can cater for all needs, guaranteeing you the perfect event to remember. Please contact us to find out more, to tour our beautiful facilities at leisure and to meet our highly experienced and passionate team of events experts!




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