Easter Bunny Blog to keep you entertained in Nottingham

Easter Bunny Blog to keep you entertained in Nottingham

Local things to do this Easter Weekend to keep you busy & active around Nottingham. 

The winter blues are starting to disappear with the first sign of sunshine and it truly feels Spring has sprung. Just the tonic we all need is the long weekend ahead of us pushing us through the 4 day week and it’s time for some well earnt time with our loved ones. Seasonal depression is on its way out as we finally happily welcome Spring. The bank holiday is the perfect time to explore the local areas and the hidden beauty spots that we’ve missed for so long. The Daffodils surround the fountain screaming the new season. Whether it’s with the family, getting the kids away from the screens or an overdue gossip session with friends there’s lots of different trails near you. Easter of course means Chocolate, Cakes and a Weekend of tasty treats so this way you don’t feel as guilty and helps collect those steps in to hit the daily goal (the things we do for the rings). Colwick Hall has beautiful grounds, stop for an Instagram Worthy Selfie with the tag @colwickhall and the trails go all round a network of lakes leading to the Colwick Country Park.

In every family and group there’s always the silently nominated organiser, no vote has been cast but it’s your duty to decide the days plan with slight pressure. Come somewhere different, nobody can complain about the cost and it even keeps the dog entertained! There’s always the option to stop by for some lunch or just a warm up with a Easter Hot Chocolate.

Discover somewhere new and follow Lord Byron to Newstead Abbey with gorgeous grounds, spot the peacock and lovely scenery. https://newsteadabbey.org.uk/ If you want to keep it within a ten minute radius Wollaton Park https://wollatonhall.org.uk/ is also a great choice! Stately Homes make a walk much more grand and casts us back to remember the history of Easter and what it means to us.

Easter Edition Themed Afternoon Tea

Here at the Hall when discovering what we all associate Easter with, it was clear to discover that from our Bakery Chef Sue it was creating delicious desserts from the Raspberry Shortbread Easter Bunny to the Mini Egg Lemon Cupcake because Easter is the time where its acceptable to finish the whole bag of Mini Eggs five minutes from opening.

Come roast with us, Traditional Sunday Lunch without the stress of cooking and cleaning cannot be beaten. The rare time we all have the same day together simply cannot be wasted and deserves to be treasured. If we’re not getting dressed up for Sunday Service at Church to celebrate Easter then our favourite frocks can be taken out for Lunch to show off the Sunday Best.

We don’t all need to paint our nails pastel, decorate the house in bunting or have the time to create an egg hunt but what’s important is spending the time together, take the difficulty out of deciding what to do. If you’d like to find out more about what we have to keep you entertained visit us on www.colwickhallhotel.com

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