World Cup to Wimbledon

England’s triumph on Day 5 of the World Cup 2018 was music to the nations ears and after tense moments of missed opportunities, the resulting victory was undeniably a relief and celebratory chants echoed through the streets of Nottingham.


A summer season glittered with a sporting feast from rugby to cricket, formula one to golf, and World Cup to Wimbledon. The weeks ahead keep us tantalised, marveling at the skill, expertise and teamwork, supporting our favourites in pursuit of excellence within a competitive environment.


Returning to Centre Court at Colwick Hall is our game, set and match themed afternoon tea during the Wimbledon fortnight, commencing 2nd to 15th of July 2018. Steeped in history with our fabulous Byrons Brasserie, manicured lawns and terrace seating, where better to savour strawberries and cream, a tennis macaroon and shortbread racket.



The menu begins at Love all with ‘Federer’s Finger Sandwiches’, at 15 Love it’s ‘Serena’s Savouries’, whilst at 30 Love we promptly progress to ‘Murray’s Mouthwatering Sweets’. At match point we offer you the choice of a Prosecco Royale or a Rosecco (without alcohol). Thereafter it’s game, set and match with copious amounts of tea and coffee as your themed afternoon tea is served literally on centre court! The afternoon is yours to indulge in a flavoured gin or two. The big screen in our reception lounge will air the championship games so you are welcome to while whimsically over Wimbledon.


In pursuit of greatness, we retrace Victorian roots of the traditional afternoon tea and add the millennial dimension of cutting edge technology with on court creativity to bring you the best ever Wimbledon Tea.



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