BB1776 has landed


The next chapter of our afternoon tea


In our very own world of wars with afternoon tea, Friday May the 4th was the inauguration of the ultimate themed tea concept. Listening to our customers who constantly tell us lots and give us volumes of inspiration, this next experience is set to tantalise, tempt and tingle your taste buds. 



Traversing unchartered territories with a selection of intergalactic sandwiches and wraps, prepare for the duels: tomato cream cheese and watercress; chicken lemon mayonnaise; and Beefafette wrap with crispy onions.


Flight Commander Paul alerts crew, “I repeat we have gone tech, Emperor Burger has struck us … deploy the Ham Solo Panini”. “Roger that Sir”, echoes Chief Purser Sue, “Ham Solo Panini despatched”. BB 1776 (Byron’s Brasserie c1776) announces “Opening flight doors”. Emperor Burger strikes again in electric blue, mobiles at the ready for facebook capture and insta story narratives!(Remember to use the hashtag)


Going into hyperdrive, to help out of this galaxy cakes and sweet delights. The portal has now been opened, race through to rescue chewies toffee and pecan cookie before Planet destroyer chocolate cupcake takes them as hostage. Allies, Wise One’s lime and chocolate cheesecake comes against his nemesis Chocolate Chip scone with a vanilla cream and cherry compote to save BB’s white chocolate and orange popcake.


All to be savoured with the return of tea and coffee, aided by dark and stormy cocktails to floating beverages. May the Fourth be with you Afternoon Tea lands at Colwick Hall from 4th May up to 31st July 2018. Priced at £23.95pp Thurs to Sun, and midweek 2 for £30 Mon to Wed.  #MayTheFourthBeWithYou    



Joining the journey



One of our very first visitors has a very special story. Kathryn and David got married exactly a year ago on May 4th. They were now celebrating their first wedding anniversary. A special occasion that they decided to celebrate at Colwick Hall. Before very long they heard about our brand new afternoon tea launching on the same day. What’s more intriguing is that they are mega fans of Star Wars and could not believe that there would be an afternoon tea themed with planet destroyer cupcakes and so much more. In their own words it was a dream come true and posed in front of our Byron’s spaceship with their identity chains. 








The focus this time has been on creating an adventure. We hear so often that an afternoon tea is more centred on cakes and for the sweet toothed. Here we have designed a balanced menu of savouries, a delicious soup and ham solo panini, and refreshingly light deserts, including the infamous BB’s white chocolate and orange pop cake. The menu which runs from May 4th to the end of July, has wide appeal to both genders, adults and children alike, and avid or less so fans of the legend it is. 

At my latest briefing, Hannah and Amy have been mixing a Solo Sloe (Sloe gin with prosecco) in their endeavour of succeeding galactic governments. Cocktails from the dark side to the agent of evil feature on our drinks menus together with jin-i blooms, and of course, a selection of soft drinks and floats for non-alcoholic troopers.




Following a hugely successful launch this latest concept runs everyday until 31st July 2018 in our Byron’s Brasserie. It has hit regional headlines and was recently featured by Lynette Pinchess, Food and Drink Writer, in the Nottingham Post (read here). Customers have been excited about the whole experience and the team have become imbibed in painting robots to adding a touch of glitter to their prosecco creations. The force is really everywhere!

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