Beautiful tablescape ideas for your wedding

wedding tablescape

Beautiful tablescape ideas for your wedding

The countdown to the big day is nearing!

You’ve booked the venue, sent the invites and found the dress of your dreams; now it’s time to look at the finer details. Tablescaping is the considered arrangement of items on a table that produces an attractive and decorative effect. It’s a chance to bring the vision of your wedding to life and to set the ambience of the day. The goal of a tablescape is to enhance your guest’s dining experience and perhaps encourage conversation.

But where should you start? Here are some of our favourite tablescape ideas.

Seasonal tablescapes

Theming your tablescape around the seasons is a great place to start for creative inspiration. It can also make it a lot easier to plan what to include in your tablescape as some items and flowers, in particular, may be out of season. Theming your tablescape around the seasons also helps to give you some inspiration for a colour palette to work from.


With the weather getting warmer and the flowers beginning to blossom, brighter colours match this season perfectly. Think orange, pink, peach or yellow tones with flowers of a similar colour palette to match. You can also choose flowers which have special meanings such as daffodils which signify “new beginnings” and pink hyacinth to symbolise “joy”. Perhaps you could even introduce a nod to Easter within your spring tablescape, with colourful eggs and bunny ears.

spring tablescape


Soft pastel florals are a classic option for a summer wedding theme. Paired with simple ivory menus and place cards will give an elegant balance to the tablescape. Popular summer wedding flowers could include carnations with the pink variety meaning “gratitude” and the white meaning “pure love”. Sunflowers are also the epitome of summer florals. You could also opt for a zesty vibe to represent summer within your tablescape, perhaps with dried lemons and grapefruits and brightly coloured printed table runners.


Colours such as rusty red, mustard yellow, olive green and mid-browns can really set the tone for your autumnal wedding. Pair with gold vases and flatware to give the table an extra pop. When we think of autumn, we think of fallen leaves so incorporating dried flowers and leaves into your tablescape ideas can bring an autumnal vibe to life, alongside acorns and pinecones.


Darker colour palettes are popular during the festive season, with deep maroon and red being great choices to complement the season. Pair with wooden table settings to give a rustic and cosy setting to your wedding theme. Flowers with berries, red roses and rustic manzanita makes this combination a winter wonderland.

Themed Weddings

Having a themed wedding? Use themed tablescape ideas to bring your theme to life! No matter what your theme is – with a little creativity, your tablescape can reflect and reinforce it to add the most personal touch to your wedding decor.

Festival theme

During the warmer months, many couples decide to bring a bohemian party vibe to their wedding with a festival theme. To reflect this within your tablescape, opt for disco balls, macrame textures, tassels and plenty of foliage and flowers to represent the outdoors.

Vintage theme

Vintage-themed weddings have been going strong for years and show no signs of slowing. Think paisley patterns or old-fashioned florals on napkins, runners and table cloths, coupled with classic blue and white china and classic florals such as roses and carnations.

Travel theme

Perhaps you have a creative theme that really means something to you and your partner. Perhaps you love to travel – or even met whilst on your travels! Incorporate this element into your tablescape ideas with globes in and amongst exotic flower arrangements, maps of the world doubling as table runners and touches of travel stamps and travel tickets.


Now that you have decided on your theme and possible colour palettes, it’s time to get into the centrepieces. Centrepieces can be the focal point of your tablescape and can come in many different shapes and sizes.

Many couples opt to keep things floral-focused for their centrepieces. Floral centrepieces create a classic and elegant look to a wedding – whilst smelling incredible too! The colour choice in floral centrepieces are endless, but just remember to consider the seasons and which flowers will and won’t be available to you, depending on the time of year.

wedding centrepiece

Candles also feature heavily within centrepieces, potentially most famously in dramatic candelabras. Candlelight dining offers a romantic atmosphere that you can enjoy at all points in the day. For Autumn and Winter weddings, candlelight is most impactful as the daylight hours are reduced, creating an even cosier atmosphere from dusk to dawn. Not to mention, candles can come in a huge variety of colours to perfectly match your theme.

And don’t feel like you have to use real candles. LED candles can be a great addition or alternative. They are much safer than traditional candles so can be used anywhere around your venue – not just on your tablescapes – including outside in and around trees without the worry of being a safety hazard or without the wind blowing out the flame!

You could also opt for vases as the centrepiece for your tablescape – whether they are filled with flowers or not. Whatever the look you are trying to achieve, vases can help bring this to life. From quaint to extravagant pieces, a vase can bring everything together. Just be careful not to choose anything too tall. Your centrepiece shouldn’t block the eye line of your guests!

The little extras

Tablescapes aren’t all about flowers and decorations. Add a personal touch when planning your tablescape ideas. For instance, have fun with your table names. Perhaps you could name your tables after holiday destinations where you have enjoyed time away together as a couple. Maybe you could choose the names of your favourite movies if your loved ones know you as movie buffs.

Don’t forget your name place cards. Not only do these let your guests know where they are sitting, but it’s another opportunity to create something fun and special! In addition to writing your guest’s names, you could add a photo of you and your guest as a placeholder. This is a great way to open up the conversation about memories your guests have shared with you.

wedding tablescape

Your wedding is all about you, but of course, you also want your guests to have a great time! Perhaps you could place games on the tables such as wedding picture bingo and quizzes to answer about the bride and groom. You could also add some disposable cameras to your tables and encourage guests to snap away and capture your wedding moments through their eyes.

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