What Makes A Great Boutique Hotel?

Boutique Hotel In Nottingham


A great boutique hotel needs style, sophistication, and outstanding amenities.


Boutique hotels will always have unique touches. This could be the antique wine-making equipment in the backyard of a converted Italian farmhouse, the sleek lines of a Greek infinity pool or an ancestral home full of history and romance. Boutique hotels have many kinds of chic and this is exactly what makes them popular. Expect character and a shift away from the soulless nature of corporate hotel chains. Boutique hotels are crafted with love. And, as a boutique hotel in Nottingham, Colwick Hall has the individuality in abundance.


A great boutique hotel will stay true to its roots


The concept of boutique hotels exploded into the leisure market in the 1980s, but some of the best examples of the sector date back as far as Saxon times. You will often find that the hotel’s management works hard to reflect the local culture. This might mean the work of local artists on the walls, or splashes of colour and life in the hotel’s facilities that highlight local fashion or sport.


A great boutique hotel will make you feel welcome


Expect beautiful touches like artisan chocolates left on your pillow. Or locally-sourced and freshly prepared meals being served in the hotel’s restaurant. Staying at a boutique hotel means you have stepped beyond the usual cookie-cutter approach to travel accommodation – enjoy it!




A good boutique hotel is in a great location


Whether your hotel is nestled in the middle of the city centre or enjoys the majesty of splendid isolation, a boutique hotel will always uplift its local area. Whether your hotel is well-connected or more remote you can expect incredibly high-quality service. Unique hotels understand the unique needs of each and every client.


There are many things that make a great boutique hotel in Nottingham. Luckily for visitors to the Nottingham area, Colwick Hall Hotel has all of them. Why not book a room today and see them for yourself?

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