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3 Inspirational Ideas For Your Next Event

Planning an event? Where to start!? 

Here at Colwick Hall, we are proud to cater for larger scale events, whether it’s 100 people, 300 people, or even up to 500 guests! It’s our bread and butter, what we do best! But for an organiser, it can sound very daunting, and combined with the uncertain times we currently face, it feels like we are far from our much-loved social gatherings.  We take positivity in the fact that they WILL come around again, and hopefully sooner rather than later!…of course with our main priority being everyone’s health and safety.

So perhaps you’ve been tasked with putting an event together for later this year, or 2021, and you aren’t sure where to start. We thought we’d reminisce over three of our favourite event inspirations and concepts, so we hope you enjoy, and may even find them useful!



Winter Charm

In kick-starting the planning of a successful event, you need a date, and winter events are a trend we are truly loving. People tend to be buzzing from November in the lead up to Christmas, or can be pulled out of their January blues by the party season continuing into the new year – it’s a time for high spirits, keeping our minds off the colder weather, and not to mention is a beautiful backdrop visually for decor and ambience.  

Think fairy lights, candlelight dinners, mood lighting and winter floral displays. Everything you need for a beautifully visual event, and so effective in the darker winter nights. Above we take inspiration from ‘Blush Moments’ and their winter photo shoot at the hall (pictured left and right), and the November Angel Ball in our Lakeside Pavilion (pictured middle). 


Outdoor fun

Perhaps you’re looking for something fun! Something that’s a little bit different, will break the ice, and something to remember! We’re lucky enough to open out to beautiful grounds at the back of our hall, and views of Colwick lake. 


For this inspiration, we’re thinking BBQ, inflatables, festival vibes, and music! These photos were taken from a family day hosted by the company Imtech, and what an occasion it was! We’ll let the photos do the talking here we think.


Summer soiree

A soiree is in many ways, simply a way of getting people together. A social setting amongst friends, clients and colleagues – that direct communication that beats barriers – and that we are all so craving right now! Good vibes, good company and of course amazing food and drink to match (leave those last two to us!). It’s the simplicity and carefree feel of a summer soiree that we just adore!

The great thing about a soiree is that you can put your own spin on it! For example it could be an event to celebrate a super important milestone, but have a relaxed feel to it, but still be mixed with a black tie dress code – anything goes! You create your own mood board here. 

For us this single photo (which was actually a graduation event), sums up our soiree inspiration perfectly. A beautiful summers days, dressed for the occasion, formalities out the way (speeches & dinner), and enjoying the last of the daylight over drinks and beanbags, before heading back into the DJ, and dancing the night away!

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