Hungry? Why not try Byrons?

There are lots of reasons why the British love going out for a meal – all of which have helped to create a £54 billion dining out market in the UK, and eating out in Nottingham is no exception.

Booking a table at your favourite restaurant – or trying a new cuisine – is no longer confined simply to special occasions. The British love of setting aside the pots and pans, avoiding food prep and washing up, can make every day a good day to eat out.

Food carefully and expertly prepared using the finest local ingredients can be a terrific treat throughout the week. Especially if it comes with a chance to socialise with friends and family, or soak up quality time with a “significant other”.

Or maybe, you are simply hungry and you are tempted by a really substantial and satisfying meal that is also delicious?

Then Byron’s Brasserie at Colwick Hall Hotel is calling you!

Think pleasure and plenty for British food

There are still some restaurants in the UK which treat dinner plates as a minimalist work of art. Favourite dishes are “deconstructed” and your foodstuffs are painstakingly arranged on the plate for maximum effect, with little actual content.

You will find none of that sort of thing at Byron’s. We are so proud of our dishes and so determined that our customers go away satisfied, that we make sure you get an appropriate serving. No matter what you choose from our seasonal menus.

That’s not to say we don’t present your menu choice beautifully of course, but we believe in quantity as well as quality.

It’s all about balance

Byron’s serves British food at its best. We also know that the British like to go home (or back to their hotel room) feeling full. But to keep our prices affordable and to ensure we don’t over face our guests, we aim for “just the right amount”. None of us wants to waste any of our carefully chosen locally-sourced ingredients, or our cooking expertise!

Afternoon tea – delicate but ample

So, for example, if you book one of our highly popular afternoon teas, you will be served with a mouthwatering array of finger sandwiches, dainty fancies and a scrumptious scone with jam and cream. But one thing you will not find is a gap in your tummy after eating this feast of traditional British favourites. In fact, we are happy to box up any remaining items for guests to nibble on later in the day.

Deeply satisfying dinner and Sunday lunch

Both our dinner menus and traditional Sunday lunches are designed to satisfy your hunger, as well as your passion for fine food served in a relaxing setting.

Event catering that hits the spot

Planning an event in the Nottingham area, such as a baby shower, anniversary, reunion or birthday? Booking an afternoon tea or group booking at Byron’s will provide each and every guest with a satisfied feeling at the end of the meal.

If it’s one thing we love at Byron’s, it’s the challenge of satisfying hungry customers, with the sort of food that also makes dining a joy too.

So see you soon……….and don’t forget your appetite.


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