Planning the Summer Party

Planning the Summer Party

“As if we were going to let a little thing like rain spoil our birthday party” Here’s a quote I read from a post by our client celebrating their event held here at Colwick Hall early July 2023. In what has been a somewhat dampened and deluged summer from time to time, the weather has certainly not put down the spirits of our party organisers. Just this last month we have had a record number of corporate events held, which range from the NHS celebrating their 75th birthday in magnificent style to our regular Solicitors Ball hosting classic summertime BBQ with crazy golf on the grounds. The options and themes to have fun, network and enjoy the spoils of your hard work through the year with a little downtime are simply endless.


Here we share both the amazing events of our clients and also a little insight of what it takes when it comes to being the appointed ‘event organiser’! Whilst the tasks pile up and the to-do list grows, the rewards of a successful night clearly makes up and the whole team here at Colwick Hall is committed to support you and your organisation in this endeavour. A major factor to consider is the location for everybody and with Nottingham City Centre on our doorstep, less than 2 miles away, central to Nottingham Train Station, J24 of M1 and East Midlands Airport in addition to our onsite free car parking for 100+ cars, this makes for easy access and great connections.  The only down side is the event will be put together perfectly and you may be tasked with the forever role of organising the annual parties – the unsung hero. In fact tri-annual is fast becoming the trend post pandemic – Summer Ball followed by Christmas Party and then through to an Awards Night in the Spring.


Themes help get people excited about an event and certainly create an enormous sense of community and coming together as one unit. Your guests will love a reason to get dressed up and makes the planning of décor, food, music and entertainment easier to coordinate. Post Covid, there is certainly growth in hybrid and remote working within the workplace, this has meant there is an even greater necessity for the occasional social get-together to bring that peer to peer connection, a springboard to elevate motivational levels and foster that togetherness within the team. Creating a sense of belonging and knowing who you are working alongside behind the teams/zoom camera.


A Summer Soiree can certainly stir the continental charm particularly when complemented by champagne and canapes before the informal dining experience of a hog roast and bowl food. The experienced team have at their fingertips a wealth of top ideas and photos that have worked great with our clients to whom we are always honoured. Working with superb suppliers there is no shortage of inspiration and just a call away. Every event is unique and our wonderful setting with the fountains, gardens and capacity of 50 to 500 guests both in the main Hall and the Lakeside Pavilion works all year round, to create such occasions a reality. The sense of purpose, reward and recognition gives the team something to remember and look forward to the next milestone.  


For more information on our selected theme this year head to our Christmas Party page:

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