The Groom-To-Be’s Ultimate Grooming Checklist

Guest blog by Jack Burke


The groom’s getting ready checklist can be just as daunting as the bride-to-be’s. But, for all of the advice out there to help the bride in getting ready, there’s a limited amount of tips out there for the groom.


So, here’s the ultimate grooming checklist to ensure the groom-to-be is as photo-ready as his blushing bride!


1. Get your hair done

Make sure any haircut you get for the big day looks good on you and complements your face shape. If you’re considering a new style, try it out with a couple weeks of buffer time before the wedding to make sure you’ll have time to grow it out if it’s not what you expected. Otherwise, it’s smart to stick with a style you know looks great. You can always get a tune-up a few days prior.


If you’re dealing with hair that’s thinning more than you’d like it to, or your hair suffers from androgenic alopecia, there are products that can work to thicken your lustrous locks in time for your wedding. For example, finasteride manages hair loss by blocking DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a testosterone-driven hormone thought to be the reason why many men experience hair loss.


For any product you use, make sure to give a similar amount of buffer time as your haircut, in order to see how well the product works or manage any unwanted effects.


2. Trim your facial hair

You want to make sure your facial hair looks neat, tidy and well-groomed on the day of your wedding. This means making sure that beards, mustaches, goatees, and any other facial hair style is evenly trimmed. Consider going to a barber for a professional finish. If not, double check that the razors you use are fresh, as a dull razor can cause unwanted razor burn or other blemishes.


3. Keep up with oral health

Your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, so you’re probably going to be smiling a lot. With the amount of photographs about to be taken throughout the day, you’ll want to make sure that your pearly whites are actually pearly white.


In the weeks leading up to the big day, make sure that you keep up with a daily oral hygiene routine of flossing and brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day. Try switching out your toothpaste for one with a whitening component, or perhaps a whitening mouthwash to make your teeth sparkle. To get your teeth even whiter, you can also invest in whitening strips.


Also, it’s not a bad idea to pop a breath mint before saying, “I do.” That way, your first kiss sealing the deal as husband and wife is minty fresh!


4. Care for your skin

The last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day is a big, red pimple in the middle of your forehead. If you don’t already practice a regular skin care routine, use your impending nuptials as a reason to start.


It’s important to wash your face at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, using a gentle facial cleanser and moisturizer afterwards. While it can feel like a pimple develops overnight, it’s actually a process that begins two weeks before a visible blemish appears, which is why daily preventative care is essential!


If you do find yourself dealing with a pimple on the big day, make sure to apply a spot treatment to manage the redness. If you want to make sure the pimple doesn’t show up in photos, have your bride-to-be give you a quick lesson in the magic of concealer.


5. Take care of the minor details

Taking care of the small grooming details, such as your nails and eyebrows, can make a noticeable difference in bringing your entire look together and giving you a boost of fresh confidence. Having a manicured hand is especially helpful for when the photographer zooms in for the ring exchange!



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